3 Features Your Rental Property Tenant Portal Should Have

3 Features Your Rental Property Tenant Portal Should Have

A great tenant has several qualities, including:

  • Pay their rent on time
  • Doesn't cause disturbances
  • Cares for their property

Of course, good tenants look for great rental properties. As a landlord, you can provide excellent properties by updating and caring for them. You can also offer the amenities great tenants want.

One of these is a tenant portal. A tenant portal is helpful to tenants for many reasons.

As you create a tenant portal, ensure it has the following three features.

1. Online Payments

A tenant portal can include many tenant portal features, including online payments. Getting paid is a crucial part of your business. You rely on every tenant's rent payment to pay your bills and build your business.

Providing online payment options is a key feature that helps you improve this process. Your tenants can create accounts on the portal.

After creating an account, tenants can pay their rent electronically. They can even set up automatic monthly payments. You'll collect more rent with auto-pay options, and tenants can avoid late payment fees.

Of course, you should offer other ways for tenants to pay. For example, provide your mailing address for tenants who want to mail payments.

2. Report and Track Problems

A tenant portal is also a great method for tenants to use when they have issues. Encourage them to make maintenance requests on the portal. Ask them to report emergencies on the portal.

Tenant requests can also include complaints. For example, tenants can voice noise complaints by submitting a portal request.

If you want to improve your landlord-tenant relationships, address the issues quickly. This is one way to make your tenants happy.

Happy tenants may renew their leases more frequently. This improves your tenant retention rate. They'll also continue to pay their rent on time.

3. Information

Providing information is one of the top tenant portal features to include. But what kind of information should you offer on the portal? Here are some types:

Lease Information

Your tenant can include a copy of the tenant's lease. They can download and read it when they have confusion or questions. They can also read it to learn the rules of breaking their lease.


Place announcements on the portal when you want to tell your tenants things. For example, let them know when you'll conduct repairs and maintenance. Give them plenty of notice so they can make accommodations.


Use the portal to remind your tenants of important things. For example, list important dates, such as garbage day. Use it to remind them of the late payment policies.

Include These on Your Tenant Portal

A tenant portal provides useful tools and information to tenants. It also helps you. It provides a way to contact and manage your tenant relations.

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